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IV Nutrient Drip

The Benefits of Nutrient IV Drips?

More and more people are trying nutrient IV therapy. It’s also a very efficient and effective way for people to get the essential nutrients their bodies need. Basically, it enhances a patient’s health or well-being with the administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential micro-nutrient by intravenous infusion.

When is the best time to get a Vitamin IV Drip?

 If you feel a cold coming on, a fresh burst of vitamins will help it disappear quickly. It also helps to take after a long vacation, to help give you the energy you need to be more productive at work. If you’re training for an athletic event, IV therapy can help improve your stamina and help you recover quicker. If you’re feeling fatigued, have a hangover, or have some vitamin deficiency, Vitamin IV therapy can really help. You can also try it just because you feel like trying it. It doesn’t have to be a specific event, but there are specific drips for specific purposes.

How often can I receive an IV Drip?

Ultimately, most people can have an IV injection two times a week, and after about four injections, you'll start feeling the beneficial side effects more consistently.


How long do the vitamins last in your body?

IV fluids generally remain in your body for a couple of hours after absorption. That said, the nutrients and minerals present in the fluids may remain in your body for days, weeks, or even months. This significantly depends on your body's needs and the type of IV infusion you receive.

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging IV Drip

Fountain of Youth

Manage how you age with this vitamin infusion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of American adults don't drink enough water a day. 36% of them only drink 1 to 3 cups, while 7% don't drink any at all.

In another report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 2/3 of American adults eat fruit less than 2 times a day, way lower than needed, while only 3/4 eat vegetables less than 3 times a day.

Malnutrition and dehydration affect how your skin looks tremendously. The fountain of youth nutrient IV drip helps compensate for that.

Fountain of Youth
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Immediate Benefits of Fountain of Youth

  • Rehydrate your skin after excessive sun exposure to avoid wrinkles.

  • Replenish your body with nutrients that nourish your hair, skin, and nails so they appear healthier.

  • Reduce the visible signs of aging and feel better about your appearance.

  • Detox and eliminate toxins from your system, so you look younger.

The Immune Fighting Booster

Natural Defense

Nutrient IV drips help you avoid getting sick while motivating you to travel more, participate in sports, or even pick up a new hobby.

Most people don't realize the impact of excellent nutrition on our overall mood and productivity. That's partly because many people don't eat enough fruits and veggies or drink the recommended amount of water in the first place. Starting with the right IV can give you the energy to start your day right!

Natural defense
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Immediate Benefits of Natural Defense

  • Avoid getting sick by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep you resilient.

  • Obtain powerful antioxidants to fight against airborne illnesses floating around work or home.

  • Maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular function of the body.

  • Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense levels of work or travel.


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